2018 Marconi Seminar

Internet of Things



“Rapid Talks & Marconi Seminar”

Hosted by

Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering

University of Limerick​​ 

July 26th, 2018​​ ​​ 



This event will feature Scientific and​​ Professional lectures from industry leaders with discussions related to IoT: Cryptography, Sensors, Embedded Systems, Wireless Technologies, Networks and Protocols, Cloud 7, Data Analytics and Security.



Venue: Analog Devices Building, University of Limerick

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Further Info here:​​ www.iot.ul.ie










Session 1: Start at 8:30am, Q&A from 10:10. Finish at 10:25


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Grzegorz Bernas

Software Manager

Title of Talk:​​ “Security: Safety in Numbers”




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Michael O’Brien –​​ Solutions Architect, EMEA Headquarters

Title of Talk: “Application Delivery. What is next? Why it matters?”


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Damien Browne

CEO and Founder

Title of Talk:​​ 

“Unlocking IOT”

Standard Access


Session 2: Keynote Talks, starts at 11:10 (30 Mins each)

Keynote Speaker​​ 1:​​ 

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Dr. Michael Scott ​​​​ 

Chief Cryptographer


Title of Talk:​​ “Security: Safety in Numbers”




Keynote Speaker 2:​​ 


Con Kennedy

Con Kennedy

Ericsson Ireland Account CTO

Title of Talk: ​​ “5G - making the IoT connection!”


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Keynote Speaker 3:​​ 


Debbie Power

IOT​​ Country Manager Vodafone


Title of Talk:​​ 

“Internet of Things is all about People”


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Keynote Speaker ​​ 4:​​ 

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Matthias Schorer

Lead Business Development Manager - IoT, EMEA





Title of Talk: “This is how tomorrow is built on IoT”



Session 3: Start​​ at 2:00pm, Q&A start at approximately 3:40. Finish at 4:00

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